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Editing and Indexing

Copy-editing is an essential step in the publishing process that forestalls expensive corrections in proofs, or, worse yet, errors in the published book. Editing of the typescript ensures consistency of terms, spelling, punctuation, capitalization, italics, abbreviations, use of numbers, and of foreign language. It corrects grammatical errors as well as general infelicities of style. It also establishes consistency within the system of foot-noting and bibliography; checks and establishes hierarchy of headings and sub-headings and ensures that they are accurately reflected on the Table of Contents; and checks illustration sequence, numbering, placement, captions, and cross-referencing.

The index is an essential aspect of a book of non-fiction often now omitted, or done in only cursory fashion. We will thoroughly prepare a name and object index (index nominum & rerum), or, for a higher fee, a subject index. 

If you are interested in working with us, please contact us, read about the book-production process, and read our guidelines for submitting text and images. 

Copy-editing Services are provided @ $30/hr: We can provide you with an estimate based on the length and complexity of your project. For a firm quote, please email a Microsoft Word document to