Mark Argetsinger Book Design

Mark Argetsinger 

Book Design

Design, Typesetting, and Production Supervision

We specialize in handling every aspect of the book, from copy-editing (if requested), through design, typesetting, to the printed and bound book. This ensures not only design consistency from text, to binding, to cover or jacket, but also production quality in printing and binding. If you are interested in working with us, please contact us, read about the book-production process below, and read our guidelines for submitting text and images.

Stages of the Book Production Process:

  • For purposes of initial estimates, the general scope of the project is decided upon, beginning with the choice of format (size and shape). Our fee for design, typesetting, and production supervision is based on an estimate of the extent (number of pages), number of images, and the general complexity of the project. Meantime, initial comparative production estimates for printing and binding are solicited from two or three presses, detailing the projected quantity to be ordered, number of pages, number of illustrations, printing process (whether color or black & white), paper stocks, and binding style (whether soft or hard-cover—in most cases, the binding will be sub-contracted by the printer). When both design and printing/binding estimates are approved, work will commence. 


  • Each book is a unique design and sample pages will be submitted in the chosen typeface showing the design of chief elements of the proposed book (title-page, chapter openings, cover, jacket, and binding). Note that the digital typefaces we use are mostly classic faces from the English Monotype library, but altered by us to adjust color, fit, kerning, and to accommodate new ligatures, characters, and accents as needed; the result is that our faces are proprietary enhancements of the available types and are used only for our books. Our digital faces may also be printed by letterpress at the press of Robert LoMascolo, Union Springs, New York, or the book may be set directly in English Monotype at the Press & Letterfoundry of Michael and Winifred Bixler, Skaneateles, New York.


  • Once typesetting is accomplished, first proofs will be submitted for review. In most instances, three stages of proofs and their correction are sufficient, but more stages will be added as necessary.


  • When the text and layout are approved for printing, the files will be submitted to the printer, who issues the final book proofs, showing text and images for approval, and these will be reviewed as a final check before the book goes to press. For color images, several stages of color-corrected proofs may be seen, or, for especially color-critical work, press proofs may be ordered.


  • We will continue to oversee the printing and binding process, and, upon request (and for an additional fee), will check the press sheets at the printer. Once the project is complete in the bindery, we will arrange for delivery of the bound book.